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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hy guys, I think i need many of tutorials for microcontroller. today, i founded a website link for learn it, I think you need to look it, bacause i will look it again for learn about microcontroller. if you want to do it, i'll give that link for you, you can click but thats location is using an indonesian language. so its be come true for the indonesian people.

And I think, I need to look, that is any one website for ispiration to me, if I do it, i think u will do it to ,,, ^-^ remember it.. Link

Saturday, April 3, 2010

image enrollment to blog uii

home work mobile aplications programming


- Connected limited device – (CLDC)

- Alert.setString

- (April 03rd, 2010) Home Work :

o Menu Level 1 (List Implicit)

1. Judul Film (List Implicit)

· Avatar

· GI Joe

· UP In The Air

2. Kontak (List Excutive)

· Email

· Facebook

· Yahoo

3. Jacwal (List Multiple)

· Senin

· Selasa

· Rabo

· Kamis

· Jum’at

· Sabtu

4. Info Alert


Theme Of Contest

"Mendefinisikan Perguruan Tinggi Idaman"

Enrollment / Pendaftaran

· Pendaftaran artikel blog dimulai dari tanggal 21 Desember 2009 sd. 2 Mei 2010.

· Peserta kompetisi adalah pemilik blog itu sendiri. Peserta tidak dapat mengusulkan blog orang lain.

· Daftarkan artikel di:

· Cantumkan Official Banner "Lomba Blog Universitas Islam Indonesia" di halaman utama atau sidebar blog anda (Wajib pilih salah satu) :


· Add website UII ( sebagai friends di blogroll/bloglinks dengan nama Universitas Islam Indonesia.

· Lengkapi identitas pemilik blog (nama, nickname, alamat blog, email, lokasi/alamat, no telp/HP, pekerjaan) ketika mendaftarkan artikel.

Criteria Of Article

· Quality of Post Article.

· Kesesuaian dengan tema, syarat, dan ketentuan lomba.

· Easier to find blog location.

· Originality of Article.

· Creativity or unique of article that have education concept.

· Value/nilai kemanfaatan dari artikel yang didaftarkan.

Price of the winner :

Juara I


Juara II


Juara III


Juara Harapan (3Pemenang)


(Dengan total hadiah senilai Rp. 15.000.000,- )

For more informations click

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Downloader of Mikrocontroller AT89S51/52

i think this posting useful for anyone who need it. this is a scheme of downloader of mikrocontroller of AT89S51/52, i thing anyone need it bacause i need it too. i take this reference from and this is link of image this resource is useful on interfaceing between microcontroller and pc. network of both is send a cource code programming from pc to microcontroller.

picture Mikrocontroller of AT89S51/52 downloader, i think by ugm great studen.