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Monday, June 1, 2009

Timer Shutdown 4.2 aplications

hallow bro… i have application timer to shutdown computer … a kind of timer lah… and equiped with screen saver. initially sich this application wants kupake self but cave share aza lah… when do i think me want nyalain my company just for music approach tidur…. and when shall i sleep so my company die sendiri… gitu… gimana ci manner ngomong, , confused i, yes the main gitu lah…. there plus screen saver when am i display bored desktop. . trus can menransparansi when at collapse. . let ga ngganggu when do i pake to pelem hehehe….

but there it is important to know

" when timer walk don't button help, about and whoa then exit: cos can restar timer udah you set… may be kalo sempet i improv
e kalo task udah finished: . . again.

" best save all document, to awake and to simplify process shutdown when time out udah nol…

" this application walks at xp. . to 98 and of the same nation it kagak support because kagak there shutdown. exe at system-.

" at set timer click option button
that chosen set timer he is new mengisi… let ga dank dunk mellu… bug this also not yet i am perbaika because kagak sempet…

" and to source code at some time may be end this month cos i am ga sempet make it.

" and this program me makes with language
basic, vbp he is ga i am upload cos slow man to upload… economical bandwidth…. but i am promise certain i am upload

Applications first viewing

Interface when collapse

lha to donlot you can download to click on here… at………. sworie rather ribet coz let adsense laku… hehehe…. n sworie also kalo this is me upload menziddu, hehehe… cave kagak maksa to donlot this file is kok……

Sorry I can speak English good n kacau gitu deah…
For Indonesian language go this site