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Monday, October 27, 2008

How do I start on Networking

How do I start ????
Be Yourself!
It is completely natural to feel a little nervous talking with professionals you have never met. But, have confidence in the communication skills you have gained through classroom and life experiences and remember that most people enjoy the chance to help a college student.
Consider networking as an opportunity to gain even more communication skills, learn about your field of interest and meet area professionals. Networking conversations can go bad quickly if the person can tell you are more interested in gaining information like contact names than learning from the experience of the person to whom your are speaking. Be respectful and remember that you have much to learn from each person you meet.

The Art of Small Talk
Most networking begins through casual everyday conversation. Strike up a conversation with the people you meet in your normal routine. You never know who may have an aunt or a brother or a colleague in your field.

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