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Friday, March 13, 2009

Prayer reminder in Mozilla Firefox

For those of you who frequent browsing (exploring) the virtual world with Mozilla Firefox, so if there is no reminder, could forget the time when prayer has been entered. Among the benefits of Firefox is support Add-ons (additional functions) that there are so many. One of them is a prayer reminder.
One of the add-ons that are quite useful Pray Times!, Prayer reminder for Firefox.
Pray Times! calculation algorithm using a similar (possibly the same) with a prayer reminder application, such as Shollu, Azan Times and others. So if Shollu have been using, then look almost the same time.
What are the features of Pray Times!
* Different methods of prayer time calculation
* Information within the time prayer
* Automatic azan voice or other audio when the time comes
* Support various places in the world
* The calculation of local (does not need internet connection)
* Display information prayer time when the mouse on the area of Pray Times!
* Not limited Operating System that is used, which use web browser Mozilla Firefox
* Various options (calculation) that can be entered manually
* Available jadwan monthly prayer time

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