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Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Is Networking Computer

what is networking computer??,Networking is all about communication, and in order for two or more parties to properly communicate, standards and protocol are required. Just as speaking Japanese to someone who only understands English doesn’t really accomplish much in terms of communication, computer and other pieces of network hardware must speak the same language in order to communicate effectively. This means a set of standards must be laid out ahead of time to create this language. These standards actually consist of more than just the language- they also contain the rules of communication.

As an example, when a help desk support operator picks up the phone, information should be communicated and received in a certain order that follows protocol. The operator usually needs to ask for the caller’s name and the nature of the problem before transferring the call to the appropriate department. This is simply the way the protocol works, and any deviation from this protocol tends to be counterproductive.

Network communications has a standard set of protocol, too. These protocol are defined by the Open System Interconnection(OSI) reference model.

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